• Qaser works with an ecosystem of partners
  • Qaser's highly experienced team of professionals are located across the globe
  • Qaser provides Engineering & IT services to small and medium sized businesses worldwide
  • Qaser's Specializes in Embedded, IoT, eLearning and Digital Marketing

Qaser Consultancy & Software

Qaser provides IT services to small and medium sized businesses around the globe. We have implemented an innovative model by creating an ecosystem of small and medium sized IT service organizations. Our consultants are highly experienced IT professionals located across the globe and provide customer interface and single point of ownership.

Qaser’s unique value proposition is that we provide the depth and breadth of capability, matching the big IT companies while preserving the lower cost base, customer focus and flexibility of smaller organizations.

We bring years of experience to the table, and we’re ready to share our knowledge with you. Contact us or submit a RFP and let Qaser satisfy you today!


Embedded Software

Qaser is a Complete Embedded Solutions Provider. We have a very strong understanding of wireless networking.

Web Development , Digital Marketing

Our creative team, web developers, blog writers, SEO and Social Media experts provide a comprehensive offering.



Qaser’s Moodle based eLearning platform hosts over 50 courses in multiple languages.
They cover areas like safety, compliance, Hygiene etc.


Mobile Applications

We develop specialized mobile applications that control multiple devices. Our apps support IoT devices and media streaming.